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​Responsive Web Design and Healthcare Organizations

By now we all know that responsive design is here to stay. The hero's of our industry continue to refine techniques, specifications and best practices, but the idea of responsive websites is now engrained in our DNA. If you've never heard of responsive design, here are the basics: 1. A…

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Designing the Devot:ee Monitor Accessory for ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is our tool of choice when it comes to content management. One of the great things ExpressionEngine provides is the ability for third-party add-ons to extend the great functionality EE provides. One drawback to these third party add-ons is that there was no easy way to tell if each…

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We Love ExpressionEngine

As a member of the ExpressionEngine PRO Network, you could probably guess that our preferred content management system (CMS) is the ExpressionEngine (EE) by EllisLab. ExpressionEngine is a commercial content management system allowing its end-users to create, update and publish content to their website without getting into any code. The…

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Fight For The Users

​Hate if you want to, but TRON is one of my favorite movies - both the 1982 version from my childhood and TRON: Legacy, the sequel released in 2010. There’s a lot to love about these flicks - the visuals, Daft Punk, and Sci-Fi glory; this memorable line, however, stands…

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